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RIPL is Excited to Announce The China IP Blog Series, featuring Dr. Paolo Beconcini

RIPL is excited to announce the publication of The China IP Blog Series: The Imminent Implications of the US-China Trade Agreement, Covid-19, Recent Decisions of the Supreme People’s Court, and Other Developments in the Chinese IP Regime by Dr. Paolo Beconcini of Squire Patton Boggs. The series will begin on Friday, January 22nd and will run through Friday, February 19th, with blogs being posted on RIPL’s website every Friday during that period.

In the first blog, Dr. Beconcini will begin by examining the past and present of the Chinese IP regime and the various factors that influenced its development over the past several decades. Dr. Beconcini will address the history of the US-China relationship, how it has impacted China’s reform of its IP regime, and what the new US-China trade agreement means for IP rights holders in China and the world going forward. 

In the second blog, Dr. Beconcini will discuss the latest amendments to the Chinese Patent Law and the likely impact those amendments will have on foreign businesses in China. In the third blog, Dr. Beconcini will explore Original Equipment Manufacturing (“OEM”) and trademark infringement in China. Specifically, Dr. Beconcini will confront a question that is not addressed explicitly by the Chinese Trademark Law and is one that has been left to the Chinese People’s Courts: that question being whether affixing trademarks of others by the OEM on products meant for export infringes a third party’s rights in its registered trademark in China. 

In the fourth blog, Dr. Beconcini will provide an overview of the Supreme People’s Court’s Draft Provisions on Evidence in Civil Proceedings Involving IP Disputes, the significant changes therein, and the possible impact on litigation strategies. Finally, in the fifth blog, Dr. Beconcini will review the main design patent rules in China and whether there are ways for patent examiners to prevent the registration of junk design patents.  

For more on our featured author, since 2012, Dr. Beconcini has served as the Head of the IP and Anti-Counterfeiting Team for China and APAC Region at Squire Patton Boggs. As one of the world’s leading experts in Chinese Intellectual Property, Dr. Beconcini is a sought-after authority on IP protection and litigation in China. Dr. Beconcini manages the trademark, copyright, and design portfolios of many European and US clients. He assists fortune 500 companies in conceiving and implementing IP management strategies in China, IP rights enforcement actions carried out by the Chinese Police and Customs, and litigation before Chinese courts. Dr. Beconcini is regularly interviewed on China IP matters by large media outlets, like CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal. Dr. Beconcini is also a prolific writer on IP and China IP issues, contributing several blogs on current events and developments in IP.

Dr. Beconcini will also publish his first law review article with RIPL on February 26th. The article will be entitled: The State of Trade Secret Protection in China in Light of the US-China Trade Wars: Trade Secret Protection in China Before and After the US-China Trade Agreement of January 15, 2020. A link to Dr. Beconcini’s firm bio page is here:

Once again, we are excited to feature Dr. Beconcini and his work and we hope that you enjoy this illuminating and insightful series!