RIPL 13-2 Is Now Online

RIPL is pleased to announce its second issue of volume thirteen. The issue features four lead articles and two student comments that cover a wide range of topics.

The first article by Tom Brody is the first to provide an in-depth analysis of PTAB decisions on functional elements. The second article by Jordan Arnot tackles an ever-changing online landscape, especially in light of the ongoing launch of hundreds of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). The third lead article by Professor Giancarlo Frosio takes an expansive view of the creative process by examining the literary pillars of Western culture, from the Iliad and Odyssey to the development of iconic medieval figures such as King Arthur and Roland. The fourth and final lead article by Laura Smalley examines the Supreme Court’s decisions on patent-eligibility of products of nature in Myriad and diagnostic methods in Prometheus.

Kate Jung’s comment is on the recent split in the Federal Circuit on the interpretation of the Safe-Harbor provision and whether it extended the exemption to post-FDA approval. Finally, Frank Battaglia’s comment is a timely examination of the landmark lawsuit brought by former students-athletes against the NCAA for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act and for violating the athletes’ publicity rights.