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“I always feel like somebody’s watching me” …As a matter of fact, Uber is watching you.

Whenever Uber launches its service in a new and big city it often hosts a lavish launch party. However attendees were not too pleased with one of the features of Uber’s latest launch party. The company displayed on a screen what they call their “God View” which lets them see all of the Ubers in a city and the silhouettes of waiting Uber users who have flagged cars. One of the attendees of the latest launch party (Julia Allison) considered this a “Creepy Stalker View.”

She was specifically uncomfortable with the fact that the view showed the attendees the whereabouts and movements of approximately 30 Uber users in New York in real time. Julia recognized a few of the people and decided to text one in particular , entrepreneur Peter Sims, revealing to him that she knew his current whereabouts. Mr. Sims, annoyed that the company invaded his privacy has since quit the service. Uber has not yet commented on the issue. This all happened in 2011 and yet Mr. Sims did not publically complain about it back then.  He is now requesting an explanation and apology from the company.

Now that Uber is used in approximately 60 cities on six continents and has about 400 employees, millions of Uber users will be concerned about their privacy. It will be interesting to see how Uber responds to the allegations of “God View.”